The Gym and The Cyclone of Perfection

Hi.  Yes, it’s me here again.   I’ve been absent from my Blogland for (gulp) six months. Believe me, it’s not due to lazines.  It was down to an unexpected and increasing lack of confidence. My fear of stepping back into the writing again. Let me explain.

The first three months of 2018 were a bit horrific […]

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Connect with your Inner Criticiser

Hello there – Do you have an Inner Critic? I know I certainly do. Which of you has more fun?

A recent pattern I’ve noticed is that of helping my clients to release themselves from the fear of their inner critic (IC). Which has led me to do a ton of reading and research so that […]

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Your True or False Self?

Our lives are constantly changing. In our own world – relationships, health, work, finances, plans. Externally we need only consider politics, world happenings, climate.   All these changes impact how we are, how we show up in our lives.  Sometimes this impact can cause a deep level of fear. Do we keep on being how we […]

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Joy of Compassionate Confidence

Now we’re getting to the living of compassionate confidence. When we allow ourselves to be quietly, strongly confident, when we accept ourselves as we are without fear or judgement, when we allow ourselves to fully express ourselves ….. Then, we begin to experience the joy of compassionate confidence.

You will start to feel it, after a […]

Practical Compassionate Confidence

“OK Trudy, you’re known  for your work with ‘compassionate confidence’.  These are two things I’d like more of in my life.  But I need to know how practical this is?  How can ‘practical compassionate confidence‘ help me in my regular daily, working, stressed, busy life?”

I received this question from a reader of one of my […]

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At some point during their journey with me, clients may come to the point where they say: “I’m stuck here. I know I need to do something, lots of things differently, but I just don’t know where to start or how to do it”

And I feel like doing my Happy Dance! We’ve reached the beginning […]

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Self-Compassion – Why? (3)


How are you getting on with having a tad more self-compassion for yourself?

One of my other fave knowings about SC is: you can stop beating yourself up.

You may ask what the heck I’m talking about?

I used to have a Greek Chorus of Beater-Uppers in my head ….. about anything and everything.

How I looked.

How I spoke to somebody […]

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