I find that  people chose to use a coach’s service so they can speak with an independent, non-judgemental person, somebody who doesn’t have any agenda in their situation.   The key issue is absolute confidentiality – everything we discuss is treated with complete confidentiality.

As a professional executive coach I act as a safe-space sounding board, offering questions to help you uncover your own wisdom and answers.  I offer support, challenge and exploration space. Here’s a brief testimonial from a recent client which shows what happened for her:

Trudy – just a quick note to say ‘thanks’ for our last session.  It was mind-blowing.  On the way home I suddenly realized that I had assumed you were going to say ‘based on the last number of sessions, I think you should retrain as …..

I hadn’t realized that the answers to what I wanted to do with the rest of my life were going to come in an indirect way from me.  The ideas were there, buried deep down. You gave me the time for formulate them.  Thankyou  I’m already looking forward to our next session.”

If you feel something has to change, but may not yet know what that ‘something’ is; if you are healthy in mind and body;  if you are ready, willing and able to explore your challenges, and are in a position to devote the time necessary to do some fieldwork, reading and possibly develop new behaviours – give me a call.   You’re in a great place to start working with your own private executive coach.

To arrange your free 45min ‘Get-to-Know-Each-Other’ session, simply (1) email trudy@trudyarthurs.com or (2) call +44 (0)7810 511 600.  Easy peasy.