“OK Trudy, you’re known  for your work with ‘compassionate confidence’.  These are two things I’d like more of in my life.  But I need to know how practical this is?  How can ‘practical compassionate confidence‘ help me in my regular daily, working, stressed, busy life?”

I received this question from a reader of one of my regular newspaper articles.  And it’s a powerful question.

It’s all very well to read about compassion, self-trust, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness.  It can even be reassuring to read and think about those things.  To maybe think about taking more time for you, being more realistic about your commitments, to listening to your gut when you have to make a big life decision.  And then the busy-ness of life whams back in again.  And you lose the moment.  You have to ‘get on, get real, get with the programme’.

So how does Practical Compassionate Confidence support you in transforming your life, taking up your full space in your life – rather than feeling hemmed in, feeling belittled and small?

If you’re a busy mum wanting to create some clear boundaries that work for you and your family?

If you find yourself exhausted and sick to the teeth with constanty looking for others’ approval?

If you’re a professional woman who wants to be able to communicate clearly, honestly and without being afraid of what others will think, how they will react?

Well.  Give yourself the time, space and exploration time to recognise what’s not honouring you, what you want to change.

Give yourself the safety and respect to allow yourself to develop your self-acceptance. This will naturally enhance your self-trust, so you’ll become more aware of your intuition and HeartVoice.  When you become more aware of your HeartVoice, your confidence lifts, strengthens and supports you.   You become more of you are born to be.

You learn to listen.  Listen to yourself and others.  You learn how to respond from a place of love, respect and strength.  No more second- or third-guessing what people mean.  Your communications are clearer, cleaner and clarified.

So, let me ask you a question here.  How do you think the awareness and development of these attitudes and skills would help you, in your life?  And I’m not just talking about your personal life here – I’m looking at your whole personal-professional-family-relationships spectrum with this question.  Can you see how developing practical compassionate confidence would help you – and others?

That’s me, for today. I’ll love you and leave you with that thought.

With love, t

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About Trudy:

I’m based in Northern Ireland, and with the help of the magic of technology, work with clients around the world. Local executive coaching work includes the Police Service of Northern Ireland and several major local business in hospitality, manufacturing, retail and not-for-profit sectors.

I’ve walked and lived the path of recovery from alcohol addiction and a diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2000 – and am still here. It’s my learnings and experiences from these that are making me realise where my real joy is. Working with individuals and groups to encourage the blossoming of compassionate self-confidence.

Having delivered two tester programmes over the past four months, I am now upping my game.  The dots and t’s are currently being added to a brand new series, open to women who want to be more profoundly compassionately confidence, to themselves and others – both personally and professionally.

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