Now we’re getting to the living of compassionate confidence. When we allow ourselves to be quietly, strongly confident, when we accept ourselves as we are without fear or judgement, when we allow ourselves to fully express ourselves ….. Then, we begin to experience the joy of compassionate confidence.

You will start to feel it, after a while of allowing yourself to be compassionately confident with yourself and others. You will become aware of a feeling that may feel strange, new and yes, maybe a bit weird! It will come and go initially, and you’ll find yourself with a feeling of “wow, what’s going on here …. ?”

The kind of joy I mean here is not dependent on outside circumstances. In fact, sometimes when the outside scene looks to be the most challenging, and you are present in your compassionate strength, confidence and presence, that’s when you’ll begin to feel whispers of the kind of joy I mean.

This joy comes from within your heart, like sparklers at Halloween. It just can’t help bubbling up.

So allow yourself to become aware of your finer feelings. And even if it’s only for a short, ephemeral moment, simply notice and be thankful. Your Joy is growing. It is growing stronger and stronger all the time.

When you consciously notice it, especially when you write that you’ve noticed it, you create a natural biofeedback loop. It’s almost as if joy needs to be encouraged to come and play!

Appreciate the moments of joy that you experience. Even if others around you don’t have the same level of joy, you can still feel your joy. You don’t have to be disrespectful of their feelings. And you also don’t need to let their lack of joy diminish yours.

Let your joy become your guiding, centering pathway.

“When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom.” [Marianne Williamson]

That’s me, for today. I’ll love you and leave you with that thought.

With love, t

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