Focus on Your Self-Compassion

Day 5/30

How did you get on with yesterday’s question? Simple, but deep.

Today’s question builds on yesterday’s.

My invitation to you is to take this question, let it become comfortable in your mind, heart and soul, and observe what answers you receive in reply.

Then at some point in the day, give yourself some quiet time, uninterruptible privacy, […]

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Focus on Your Self Compassion

Day 4/30

Okeedokee……. Previous blogs have focussed on the big picture of self-compassion.

Now it’s your moment – let’s focus on you. This week, I’m going to ask you just one question each day. My invitation to you is to take this question, let it become comfortable in your mind, heart and soul, and observe what answers […]

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Permission for Self-Compassion

Welcome to Day 3 of my 30-Day Self-Compassion Blogging journey: Permission’s Adventure

So yesterday’s post was about Permission.  Today’s is a somewhat fictionalised real-life example of how encouraging one of my clients during a transformational, soul-shifting coaching session to give herself permission has helped her develop S-C habits. Enjoy.



My client looked at […]

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Guilt-free Self-Compassion – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my 30-Day Self-Compassion Blogging journey: Deepening Awareness

From time to time, I will be including a  ‘Daily Insight’ at the end of these notes, to help you create a focus and takeaway from each of these letters.  So, let’s dance …………


What is it about Self-Compassion that’s so scary-making?   […]

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The Beauty of Self-Compassion – One Person at a Time

Welcome to Day 1 of my 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Awareness

I’m challenging myself to do 30 posts in 30 days. Why? Partly in a spirit of sharing my experience of allowing myself to develop self-compassion, and feeling there may also something here of interest to you; and partly because I love writing!

My intention is […]

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Let’s Look at Impostorism

Look at us all.   We are all, on the surface at least and to all intents and purposes, confident, strong, wise, resilient women.  Each and every one of us has a lifetime of personal, educational and professional experiences, obstacles overcome, achievements and happenings.

Aaah, but on the inside?   When we put ourselves to the risk wire, […]

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Release the Ughies

Did you ever get that ‘work harder-harder-harder; you can do better than this’ voice in your head?

Yep, that one that makes you feel pressured, stressed, guilty? The one with the ughy messages?

I had a serious example of it just last week. I’d finally begun to feel human again, recovered from a horrible 3-week chest infection […]

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Self-kindness or Self-Judgement?

The last couple of months have been a Mt Everest of learning for me. Mainly around the technology to support my new self-compassion online programme for women. And last night was a fantastic example of how being able to give myself some self-compassion helped me to cope with what previously would have been a head-wrecking […]

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Being You – Enjoying Imperfect

Being You – Enjoying Imperfect

I sat in my car in the car park, set my phone timer for 12 mins, closed my eyes, and did a mindful Body Scan, followed by 10 mins of quiet breathing and meditation. All around me cars were parking, people getting out, doors banging. I drifted away to a quiet, […]

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Your Choice – Your Self-Compassion

Today is about Choice.  I love that word.  Choice.  How it feels in my mouth when I say it.  The variety of sounds within that one word when I speak it.  And the meanings of it.  The many differing meanings of it. The importance of conscious choice in our lives.

For our purposes, I’m offering the […]

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