Focus on Your Self Compassion

Day 4/30

Okeedokee……. Previous blogs have focussed on the big picture of self-compassion.

Now it’s your moment – let’s focus on you. This week, I’m going to ask you just one question each day. My invitation to you is to take this question, let it become comfortable in your mind, heart and soul, and observe what answers […]

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What’s your first reaction when you think of being ‘self-compassionate’?

“yea, I know I should be, but I just don’t have time”; or

well, that’s just pure selfishness”; or

“I’ve started to give myself just five mins self-care each day, and can feel the difference already”?

Self-Compassion gets a really bad rap in today’s world of do-more/have-more/I-have-to-look-after-others-before-myself. However, well-documented […]