Accepting the Tough Stuff

How many times a day do you find yourself in anxiety, fear, judgement, anger – with yourself or somebody else? Our default habit is to either lash out emotionally, and regretting that at a later time, or try to push them away, or push them down, denying them. This takes so much energy – and […]

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The Salad Dish, Self-Trust and Me

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Do you know those multi-section salad dishes, the ones that have small plates that sit in a circle around a central dish?   The small plates can hold a variety of things like olives, peppers, tomatoes, onions – lots of different things that go to make up a lovely […]

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Connect with your Inner Criticiser

Hello there – Do you have an Inner Critic? I know I certainly do. Which of you has more fun?

A recent pattern I’ve noticed is that of helping my clients to release themselves from the fear of their inner critic (IC). Which has led me to do a ton of reading and research so that […]

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Create Compassionate Confidence One Step at a Time

I had a conversation today with a lady who’s been reading this series of posts about compassionate confidence. She told me she’s really enjoyed reading them, she can sense how much this life approach will help her. And like most of us, just wants things to change Now!

We’re all like this lady, at some level. […]

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Joy of Compassionate Confidence

Now we’re getting to the living of compassionate confidence. When we allow ourselves to be quietly, strongly confident, when we accept ourselves as we are without fear or judgement, when we allow ourselves to fully express ourselves ….. Then, we begin to experience the joy of compassionate confidence.

You will start to feel it, after a […]


At some point during their journey with me, clients may come to the point where they say: “I’m stuck here. I know I need to do something, lots of things differently, but I just don’t know where to start or how to do it”

And I feel like doing my Happy Dance! We’ve reached the beginning […]

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Finish Unfinished Business


Finish Unfinished Business

Yup. You know that feeling of unfinished business? How it makes you feel? How your heart sinks at the resentment and anger you hold inside at those you are not at peace with; the anger at yourself; the hurt?

This unfinished business with others is the biggest stumbling block to being able to hear your […]

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Self-Compassion – Why (4)


Yesterday I offered the concept of self-acceptance as part of self-compassion. ‘Accept the unacceptable’.   This is a pillar of SC.

And it takes time to get used to this. Here are some suggestions to help you do that.

Be willing to do it: Obvious, I know, but true. Giving yourself permission to accept your imperfect self ultimately […]

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Self-compassion – Why? (2)


Why does self-compassion help? How do you do it, simply and easily?

When you begin to consciously and intentionally to ‘do’ self-compassion, you will begin to see and feel subtle differences in how you are, how your life is, and how people respond to you.

It may be a bit scary at first, to not put others’ […]

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Self-Compassion – Why?

Why self-compassion? (1)


So far we’ve looked at what self-compassion is, and you’ve explored your relationship with it. Over each of these next few posts, I’m going to offer a ‘why do or be self-compassion’ and offer a simple self-compassion exercise.

I’ll also start to refer to self-compassion as SC, to save time!  Why do SC?   So many […]

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