Finish Unfinished Business


Finish Unfinished Business

Yup. You know that feeling of unfinished business? How it makes you feel? How your heart sinks at the resentment and anger you hold inside at those you are not at peace with; the anger at yourself; the hurt?

This unfinished business with others is the biggest stumbling block to being able to hear your […]

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Release the Ughies

Did you ever get that ‘work harder-harder-harder; you can do better than this’ voice in your head?

Yep, that one that makes you feel pressured, stressed, guilty? The one with the ughy messages?

I had a serious example of it just last week. I’d finally begun to feel human again, recovered from a horrible 3-week chest infection […]

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Give Yourself Permission

What is it about Self-Compassion that’s so scary-making?   What is it that makes us resistant to being kind to ourselves? And admitting that we are doing so?   We sure as goodness know how to be compassionate to others. We know what actions to take, the language, words and tone to use. So what the heck […]

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Self-Compassion A-B-C

My client looked at me, tears in her eyes. She’d finally admitted, in a soft whisper, that she was done. Past empty. Not just tired – way beyond that.

“What do I do now?” she murmured. “I’ve all these commitments – I love my family, my busy job travel, my mum, and other stuff. But I’m […]

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Decisions … Decisions ….

Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland | (c) Trudy 2015

Making a decision can be tough. So many considerations to take into account. When we solely use our conscious mind and thinking brain, our egos can get in the way, tripping us up with ‘what will people think?; what if it’s the wrong decision?; but […]

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Out of The Nest

Picture: Lady LizArt / Eagle’s Nest at Tomoka State Park Fl

As you may know I’ve gifted myself the joy of a lot of special reading time this year, as I coast towards my 6th decade. And I’m really loving the inspirations, challenges, learnings, awarenesses and ideas new and old that I’m dancing with. […]

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Is Your Control Killing You?

Picture: Ricky Reston Dreamstime Stock Photos

 Jan 2011……… I was hunched over in pain in front of my gastro-consultant. I believed I was 7.5st weight. I looked and spoke like an 85 yr old rather than the 55yr old me. I’d been visiting him over the previous ten years with increasing levels […]

How Do You Think?

How do you think?

Henry(**) looked harassed, a frown marching across his forehead, eyes focussing on something distant and perhaps distressing.

Draw an image of what’s in your head’ I suggested.

Using  coloured pens, breathing quietly, he began drawing some images.  I remained silent, giving him the space and privacy to bring out what was inside his head.

When […]

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