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Making a decision can be tough. So many considerations to take into account. When we solely use our conscious mind and thinking brain, our egos can get in the way, tripping us up with ‘what will people think?; what if it’s the wrong decision?; but I’ve invested so much time in this; it’s what I’m known for …….;”

We can become hard, critical and judgemental on ourselves, letting our Inner Tyrant loose with a tirade of ‘what the heck do you think you’re doing now?’…..

Tapping into our subconscious allows us to explore in a deeper, easier, more heartfelt way. One of the easiest ways of dropping into our subconscious is to explore through letter writing. There are lots of different ways of approaching this, and the one offered here is one of the simplest.

  • Bring to mind the decision that you are considering

What is the decision you are considering? Write it down, or draw your image of it. Just allow your brain to empty out the words or images; don’t judge or worry about grammatical correctness. Allow yourself to come to a clearer idea or picture of the decision – and just the decision itself – not the impact of whatever decision is made.

  • Pick an imaginary friend

Think about an imaginary friend who is unconditionally accepting, kind and compassionate. This friend knows and accepts all your values, strengths, weaknesses without judgement. Reflect on how all of you is genuinely and completely loved and accepted by this friend. This friend understands you, your history, your life happenings, circumstances – and all the things that were outside of your control.

  • Write a letter

Write a letter to yourself from your imaginary friend. What would your friend say to you about the decision, from the perspective of unlimited compassion? How would this friend help you to explore this decision from a place of strength, heartfelt courage and self-care? What changes or options might your friend suggest?

As you write to yourself from your compassionate friend’s space, allow your letter to be imbued with unconditional understanding, free of judgement and criticism.

  • Relax

When you’ve done, put the letter down for a time. Come back later and read it again, allowing the sense of the words to be absorbed. You may, or not, have a clear decision path to follow. I guarantee that what you will have is the power of your subconscious working on your behalf, consciously, thus adding to the strength of your awareness.

This feels weird!

Yup. And I make no apology for the weird. Don’t you ever get totally fed up with the conversation going ‘round and ‘round in your head, never changing anything except the speed at which it plays? Would you like to stop that onslaught?  This is one simple way, that’s worked for lots of my clients.

Well, trust me – and yourself – on this one. Nobody ever needs to know you’ve done this ‘weird’. You don’t show the letter to anyone but yourself.

Give it a go. Allow your curiosity, your playful youngster, to guide you on this.

I’d really love to receive your feedback, to know how you get on (if you feel like sending it).

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