Finish Unfinished Business

Yup. You know that feeling of unfinished business? How it makes you feel? How your heart sinks at the resentment and anger you hold inside at those you are not at peace with; the anger at yourself; the hurt?

This unfinished business with others is the biggest stumbling block to being able to hear your own Heartvoice, the biggest trip-up to your peace and contentment.

And these mangulated cords of memory into your past are easy to bring to mind. We only need to allow ourselves to become quiet, listen to our Heartvoice.

Finish Unfinished Business – how?

Who do you feel bitter about? Who are you angry with? Who do you feel hurt by? Who are you not at peace with?

I invite you to take some private non-interruptible quiet time.  Take a deep, purposeful breath. Exhale. And again. Look inside yourself. Be open to what arises, without judgement or criticism.

Simply allow yourself to mindfully observe what comes up.

Then explore what you need to finish. Sometimes, the answer is simply a breath away – a breath of love, an exhalation of forgiveness for yourself and the other(s).

Take the breath. Free the breath.

Let the past go. You are not your story. As the fabulous Byron Katie asks “Who would you be without your story?

My final invitation today is to offer you a visit to Byron’s website The Work where you can begin to explore how to finish unfinished business.

Why? If nothing else, your self-trust quotient will take a giant leap forward. You’ll feel more in integrity. Your confidence will grow and glow.

Do you need any other reasons?

Try it. Let me know how you get on.

That’s me, for today. Thankyou.

With love, t

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About Trudy:

I’m based in Northern Ireland, and with the help of the magic of technology, work with clients around the world. Local executive coaching work includes the Police Service of Northern Ireland and several major local business in hospitality, manufacturing, retail and not-for-profit sectors.

I’ve walked and lived the path of recovery from alcohol addiction and a diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2000 – and am still here. It’s my learnings and experiences from these that are making me realise where my real joy is. Working with individuals and groups to encourage the blossoming of compassionate self-confidence.

Having delivered two tester programmes over the past four months, I am now upping my game.  The dots and t’s are currently being added to a brand new series, open to women who want to be more profoundly compassionately confidence, to themselves and others – both personally and professionally.

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