Is Your Control Killing You?

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 Jan 2011……… I was hunched over in pain in front of my gastro-consultant. I believed I was 7.5st weight. I looked and spoke like an 85 yr old rather than the 55yr old me. I’d been visiting him over the previous ten years with increasing levels […]

The Joy of Imperfection

The Joy of Imperfection

I bet that headline stopped you in your tracks?  Allowing ourselves to be imperfect is energising, challenging, thrilling, fun, builds self-confidence and leads to all sorts of wonderful opportunities.

Notice I write ‘allow’.    Most of us live exhausting lives of quiet desperation, striving for what we believe is perfection.  We stay below the […]

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Your Grace Point

Your Grace Point

I like Christmas and New Year Period, but to be really frank, I am glad it’s done with.  Even though it feels like ages ago, we had a lovely holiday with our US family, a magical bring-in of the new year with great friends at a very snazzy gala ball.  January and February […]

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Create an Adventure

Imagine yourself heading out on an Adventure – what would it be? Walk the Machu Picchu Trail, visit the Galapagos Islands, go fishing in Western Canada, go leopard-watching in South Africa?

How do you feel about Adventures? Do you enjoy anticipating the unknown, fizzle with excitement at the prospect of not quite knowing how things are […]

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