Clear as a bubble in the sky
Clarity.  Simple, beautiful Clarity.

Do You have a ‘Word of the Year’

The idea of choosing a ‘Word of the Year’ frightened me when I first read about it a few years ago.   I angsted and fretted to such a degree!

How could I possibly choose just one word – what if I chose the wrong one?!  I wrapped myself up in knots and what-ifs?   For the first couple of years of drawing on this idea, I worried “have I chosen the best word”?

And then last year my chosen word was Simplicity.  Even now, thinking and writing the word brings a feeling of ease, space.  I had learned from previous years’ experiences  that it didn’t matter if it was the ‘best word’ or not.  The important factor is that, more often than not,  I was being mindful of my intentions.  Keeping things simple.  Stepping back from complexity.  Making decisions easily, allowing to be what would be.

When it came to choosing this year’s word, the one that came to mind first, the one that kept coming back, came so easily I was a bit sceptical!  Let it rest for a week or so, played around with a few others, and kept coming round to my original choice. 


Even the sound of it spoken aloud delights me.  The strength of the first two letters together, followed by what feels to me like a dance of sounds, especially the final ‘ty’.  So for me it’s fully energy and presence. 

Dictionary definition: ‘the quality of transparency, of being easy to hear or see, of being definite’

The image above perfectly demonstrates what I understand, for me, about Clarity.

My intention this year, 2019, is to live from this space of clarity, energy and presence.  Clarity in my expectations of and communications with myself and others.

Energy and clarity in how I do what I do, whatever that is – whether with loved ones, in business, in self-care.  Clarity in how I manage my energy and financial spend.   Presence in my awareness of my Self and Others, in whatever context.

This year’s Clarity has evolved naturally out of last year’s Simplicity. 

How about you?  If you were to choose a word that supported your best self, helped you live your best life with focus and intention,aligned with your values – what would it be?  And of course, you could also choose a brief phrase to reflect your intention.

I’d love you to let me know your choice of word or phrase – email  And if you’d like my tips of choosing your word or phrase – same email address.  I’m here to help. 

Til next time, be gentle with you.

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