Your Grace Point

I like Christmas and New Year Period, but to be really frank, I am glad it’s done with.  Even though it feels like ages ago, we had a lovely holiday with our US family, a magical bring-in of the new year with great friends at a very snazzy gala ball.  January and February can be a  time to settle, be more at ease, doing less of the ‘doing and running around’.  Do you find this?

The long break this year gave me the opportunity to do lots of lovely reading.  Novels, biographies, and some reading that I guess could be called ‘spiritual’.  It was special to have this time and space.

And regular readers of my newspaper articles will know I don’t recommend, or do, resolutions.  I believe we can benefit from the deeper approach of working from intention.  The key difference?   Resolutions tend to be from the ‘doing’ part of us, or ego driven, while intentions are sourced in the being part of us, or our deeper, spirit selves.  Intentions are more resilient, flexible and beneficial.

They come from our Grace Point.

We are all born with a Grace Point …. A space within ourselves that’s not cluttered by expectations, roleplay, ambition, embarrassment, fear and regret.  It’s where we connect with our spirit, our true selves.  This Grace Point allows us to have peace.   It’s called various lovely names in different philosphies:  Seat of the Unconscious, Atman, Dharma – and many more.

To know our Grace Point is to know who we are – not be external identifiers like a job, house, clothes, car.  It’s to know our place in relation to the Infinite, and allowing ourselves to ‘be’ there.  This allowing is an ongoing tussle between living life every day in our ‘normal’ world, with all it’s distractions, fears and regrets, while our Grace Point is best experienced by consistently letting go of what’s not essential.

When we allow ourselves moments of Grace Point, we experience moments of peace, wholeness, love and simplicity.  But too often, this permission is encumbered by life’s complications, or what we think are complications.  Our Grace Point can also be hidden by our wanting to please others rather than stand in our own integrity.  We deaden our energy, hide from our strength and beauty.

Learning and allowing yourself to live from your Grace Point is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your life and your loved ones.

  • Close your eyes; breathe your way underneath your life complications, the way the coral reef awaits at the stillness below churning waves.
  • Now, think of two things you love doing – tapestry, gardening, reading – anything of your choice. Allow yourself to become aware of what it is in each of that that you love, that brings you alive.
  • Breathing slowly, be mindful of what they have in common, and allow yourself to feel your Grace Point which these loved activities reflect within you.

Thank you for allowing me to be your coach in these articles! With love and blessings for a lovely rest of 2015 – for you, those you love, and those you may not yet know.

I’d really love to receive your feedback.  Email me:  Facebook: Trudy Arthurs, the Confidence Specialist.   With blessings ‘til next month.

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