Imagine yourself heading out on an Adventure – what would it be? Walk the Machu Picchu Trail, visit the Galapagos Islands, go fishing in Western Canada, go leopard-watching in South Africa?

How do you feel about Adventures? Do you enjoy anticipating the unknown, fizzle with excitement at the prospect of not quite knowing how things are going to pan out?

And what is an ‘Adventure’ anyway? My definition is choosing to do something I’ve never done before. Ah-ha.  So it doesn’t have to mean heading out to do the Machu Picchu trail, or go on safari in Kenya.  It can also be an Adventure to do something new that may be apparently more mundane.  Like learning a new skill, and taking a risk or two.  For me this week it’s been a technical skill, learning to create posters for new workshops.  And then, once the posters were made, actually putting word ‘out there’ about the workshops.

Why am I telling you this?   I’ve recently been feeling a bit sensitive and lacking confidence about offering these workshops.  It’s been some years since I last held these kinds of events.  I kept tripping myself up on my fear of ‘what will people think – what if I don’t get any takers – am I good enough’?

Until I realised that my fear was just trying to keep me safe; but in keeping me safe and not allowing me to take any risks, it was keeping me small, tight, and powerless. So I asked what it was trying to protect me from – disappointment and poor numbers.  Once I realised this I was able to release those concerns  and flipped my fear over – and created an Adventure.

In an adventure there are many opportunities for things to not go the way you’d want. But in flipping my fear over into an adventure, I’m allowing the possibility that things won’t go exactly as I would want – and that’s fine.  As long as I take action and do all the necessary work to create the events,  I can then look on any difficulties or challenges that arise from a spirit of adventure rather than disappointed lack of control.

Which in turn reduces the fear factor.

Which allows space for the courage to come in.

Which generates confidence.

Does this make sense for you? Rather than getting stuck in fear, and allowing your fear to stop you from flourishing – ask your fear what it’s trying to protect you from, and then create your own personal Adventure!

I’d really love to receive your feedback. Email me:  Facebook: Trudy Arthurs, the Confidence Specialist.   With blessings ‘til next month.

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