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Consider your Perspective

How often have you found yourself stuck in a place of discomfort? A discussion, an argument, a viewpoint? Now, forgive me if I’m in the zone of teaching my granny to suck eggs, but I’m going to write this anyway – sometimes a slight difference in where we stand, literally and metaphorically, can have an […]

Let Your Body Help You

I’ve just done two days of intense front-of-room training/coaching/observing. Arriving to set up, and debriefing after each day with my colleague meant about 10 hours each day of having to be as present and aware as possible.

So this morning I treated myself to a couple of hours’ doze time, with my cat Satchmo keeping me […]

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Create Compassionate Confidence One Step at a Time

I had a conversation today with a lady who’s been reading this series of posts about compassionate confidence. She told me she’s really enjoyed reading them, she can sense how much this life approach will help her. And like most of us, just wants things to change Now!

We’re all like this lady, at some level. […]

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Self-compassion – Why? (5)



So by now, after four days of ‘Why’, you’ll be knowing that there are tons of great reasons to allow yourself to get your self-compassion groove on. (I’m beginning to sound like a Hippie ….. lovely!)

The final ‘why’ I offer you is this:

You begin to be on your side:    You have your own back. You’ve […]