I had a conversation today with a lady who’s been reading this series of posts about compassionate confidence. She told me she’s really enjoyed reading them, she can sense how much this life approach will help her. And like most of us, just wants things to change Now!

We’re all like this lady, at some level. When we recognise a way of being that will help us to be happier, more content and at ease, we want the change to happen straight away.

But we’re humans. Humans who keep getting in our own way, who keep allowing our fears to be obstacles, who keep worrying what others will think if we introduce a change into our relationship.

The answer? One step at a time. Simply one step at a time is all you need to take. In fact, it’s all you can take.

Twenty years ago when I reached the point of knowing I had to release myself from my painful addiction to alcohol or else die of liver failure, I wanted it to happen right away. Why not? I knew I was doing extraordinary damage to my whole life, I wanted to give it up – why could I not just do that?

After a couple of months in rehab, followed by a year’s counselling, I finally began to understand that this was going to be a ‘step at a time’ process, and I wasn’t always going to be able to determine the pace. (That really stirred up my control-freakery frustration!)

I had a dream of how I wanted my life to be without the addiction, just as you have a vision of where you want to go, how you want to be. But it’s not a change of just one big jump. We get to our dream, or vision, by taking one step at a time.

We take our single step with intention. With compassion. With self-care. And gradually, over time, we find ourselves in a different place, living a simpler life, less stress, less anger, less resentment.

One step at a time. We pay attention to our intuition, our HeartVoice. Our faith in ourselves begin to grow. This growing faith in ourselves will keep us headed in the best direction for us when the wobbles hit our steps.

We just take simple, easeful steps. We eventually begin to have a sense of joy in taking them, because we know we’re being guided.

We know, trust and believe that the single, simple steps were are taking will take us to our best life.

That’s me, for today. I’ll love you and leave you with that thought.

With love, t

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