I can imagine a puzzlement right now, why is she writing about self-trust, when she’s a self-compassion coaching specialist?

Good question. And here’s another one.

How much do you trust yourself? Seriously. Think of a spectrum from 1 – 10, with 10 being highest. And ask yourself that question. “What’s my self-trust score”?

Now, your cognitive self is likely to come in with the correct answer “well, in my life there are lots of different zones, some I trust myself in, some I don’t fully trust myself. I can’t answer that question.” Great. You’re right.

But play with me here, go on! I understand that it’s a weird, and maybe even scary question.  Look at your life over the past month, in general, and ask yourself again: “what’s my self-trust score?”

Your Self-Trust Score?

There’s no perfect score. However there is the score that reassures you that you hold your best interests at heart, that you look after your needs, thus allowing you to look after the needs of others with more ease and integrity.

How many times have you said out loud or to yourself “I just don’t trust myself to ……? Or have you ever kicked your ankles (metaphorically!) when you’ve done something, wondering how you let yourself get into a particular situation?

And here is where we meet our beautiful friend self-acceptance again. And we also connect with self-forgiveness. These two gorgeous, heart-supporting qualities are key to a contented, self-trusting life.

The thing is, you can’t trust yourself if you don’t have your own best interests at heart. Simple, obvious, true.

When I’m working with my clients on developing their self-compassion, we use a simple, heartful self-awareness system to assist them in enhancing their self-trust. I will be telling you the experience of one of these clients in a couple of days.

What do you think?

For now, that’s me.

I look forward to your comments!

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About Trudy:

I’m based in Northern Ireland, and with the help of the magic of technology, work with clients around the world. Local executive coaching work includes the Police Service of Northern Ireland and several major local business in hospitality, manufacturing, retail and not-for-profit sectors.

I’ve walked and lived the path of recovery from alcohol addiction and a diagnosis of terminal cancer in 2000 – and am still here. It’s my learnings and experiences from these that are making me realise where my real joy is. Working with individuals and groups to encourage the blossoming of compassionate self-confidence.

Having delivered two tester programmes over the past four months, I am now upping my game.  The dots and t’s are currently being added to a brand new series, open to women who want to be more profoundly compassionately confidence, to themselves and others – both personally and professionally.

To priority-register for details of my new compassion programmes, simply email trudy@trudyarthurs.com for info.


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