I thought of going to St Ann’s Cathedral on Wednesday last for Lyra’s funeral service.  Instead I chose to light our Blessing Candle for Lyra, Sara and their family and friends.  And for all of us, who are the less for Lyra no longer being with us. 

Our Blessing Candle (in the picture) is intended to share light, love and healing to those who may need it; it’s lit when we’re here at night.  I simply gave myself some quiet time to pray for Lyra, send blessings and to work out how I feel about the events of the last few days.

Lyra’s Light

I never had the joy of meeting Lyra, our paths never danced together.  I know I’d have liked her.   Like the rest of us, she wasn’t perfect – who the heck is?  Who would want to be?

Lyra is a very – very – special young woman.  I use the present tense purposely.  Her energy, power, grace, leadership and love live on. 

Her gifts include curiosity, compassion, courage, connection and communication.  She drew on these gifts to create a strong, memorable presence for herself and others.

She’s also at heart one of the many courageous, heart-filled, resilient, extraordinary women in our country.  Through my work with women, I’ve been privileged to meet so many incredible women like Lyra, of all ages and backgrounds.  Women who have a belief in and a passion for a different future, a future rich in love, possibility for themselves, their families and communities.

Like you, my heart lifted at the inspirational words and passion of Fr Magill.  Like you, I have such a sense of frustration – and more – at the unwillingness of the two key parties to take different steps.    But this is not the place to criticize them.

Let not Lyra’s leaving us dim her light and leadership.  Let not this moment in time become yet another pinnacle of pain and outrage  which eventually disappears.  We’ve had enough wasted energy, wasted love, wasted opportunity for change. For peace and a normal life.

When we’ve had time to absorb the shock, pain and hurt of the past few days,  let us take the energy of those emotions to create the possibility of powerful change and transformation.

Right now there’s a sense of unknowing and uncertainty.  But there’s one thing I know for sure:

Something different doesn’t just need to happen.  Something different wants to happen.

In finishing, I offer Lyra’s own words:

“We must change our own world, one piece at a time.  Now let’s get to work.”

If you feel moved to comment, please do so below.  Thankyou.  With love, T xx